Success Stories

Jolene - after epidurals, PT, etc., relief with Cox Technic

Dr. Cox,

Truly the world is a small place. While providing an update on my back problems to [name withheld], she mentioned that she had a friend with the last name Cox and that his father was a Chiropractor. Several weeks later after hearing even more positive news about my progress and the results of the Cox technique, she decided to reach out to Jason to ask if you were his dad.

And here we are!

Whereas I am sure you have heard a number of success stories, I am happy to share mine with you... A bit about myself -- I'm 33, active, good health, medium size frame, no history of back problems. In early Nov. while traveling, I was attempting to sit on a stool and my left foot slipped off the rung as I was stepping up on to the stool. This caused a bit of a jerking/twisting motion. I did not fall down, as a matter of fact, none of my colleagues even noticed the incident.

I felt a bit of a twinge in my lower back and experienced soreness. However by morning, it was severe pain (both lower back and my leg) and I was shocked to see the distortion of my posture!

I had an extreme antalgic lean. Again, I was both shocked and scared as I have never experienced any back problem or injury before. That day, I flew back to Los Angeles and went to the ER where I was diagnosed with a pulled muscle. Needless to say, six weeks later, I was diagnosed with a herniated disc (L4L5, apprx.7mm left posterior with nerve displacement, including drop foot). I was originally prescribed NSAIDs and Flexeril. Then I tried a 5 week pack of Medrol. After that, it was PT twice a week and a Chiropractor for stim and massage. Then it was more NSAIDs, Flexeril and Vicodin. No relief, so I opted for an epidural (ended up having 3). To no avail, my primary physician indicated that the next option was to see a Neuro Surgeon. Of course, I called to set up an appointment however, this surgeon had a five-week waiting list.
Around the same time I was having the epidurals, I received a telemarketing call re: low back pain. I listened, provided my mailing address, and was sent information about the Cox Technique from Dr. Ben Jakob. Thinking that the epidurals would work, I ignored the mailing. Several weeks later, the same week I was referred to the surgeon, I received another mailing. Given that I was going to wait five weeks for my appointment with the surgeon, I decided to see Dr. Jakob.
That was my lucky day! Knowing what I know now, I would have bought a lottery ticket. After only five visits, I noticed marked difference. My pain level and antalgic lean had decreased substantially. Now, after 15 or so visits, I am taking zero medication; the pain in my leg is almost gone; the antalgic lean is almost completely corrected; and my fatigue level has decreased. 
"not only am I completely convinced that this technique works, I am literally walking proof." 
Thanks to your technique and Dr. Jakob, I have canceled my appointment with the surgeon. Dr. Cox, not only am I completely convinced that this technique works, I am literally walking proof. I would have never thought that I could have the health that I have today without surgery. Those around me agree as they have watched the transformation before their eyes. I understand that I have a way to go but I am still in awe of my improvement and confident in my recovery. My only regret is not taking before and after pictures. 
I am so pleased to share this with you directly. Thanks again and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Best regards,
(Dr. Ben Jakob is a certified Cox® physician.)
Elaine - cervical spine surgery avoided
I developed severe pain in my neck radiating down my right arm. The pain kept getting worse for several months. My MD gave me muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory drugs. It didn’t give much relief. I told my husband my pain was so bad I felt like cutting my arm off. It was burning, throbbing and shooting. I couldn’t sit at a computer it became so bad. It affected my ability to sleep. My MD sent me to a specialist who did an MRI and he told me I had C4-5 disc degeneration with spurs. He wanted to take bone from my hip and put two metal plates along side of my vertebrae in my neck. It would be permanent. My sister had the same surgery which cost her $30,000.00 and she still has the same problem.

My sister told me to see Dr. Unruh. He examined me and recommended a course of treatment with his distraction instrument. I canceled the surgery. I started to get relief right away. The treatment felt great. It was very relaxing. Gradually the pain went completely away. I can turn my head any direction without pain. I have no arm pain. I can sleep all night and am not taking any medication at all. I am so glad I never had the surgery on my neck. Nobody should have surgery until they try this first. I feel great and just get adjustments now once each month to keep feeling great. I highly recommend Dr. Allen Unruh to anybody before you have surgery of your spine. Elaine
(Dr. Allen Unruh is a certified Cox® physician in South Dakota.)
Melvin - years of chronic low back relieved

Hi my name is Melvin. I have had chronic low back pain and leg pain for years. It had progressively gotten worse. I tried the gamut of medical care and therapy with no help. It got to the point when I was walking all bent over and moving with two inch steps. The pain was becoming unbearable and I was almost ready for the nursing home. I could barely walk.

I heard about Dr. Allen Unruh and decided to give him a try. I asked him if he could help me. He was honest and said, “Your back problems are really chronic and you have multiple degenerative discs. I have no idea if we can help you, but you have basically three options: 1. You can learn to live with the pain (not an option). 2. You can go live in the nursing home and cope with it by taking drugs. 3. You can try one last ditch effort to improve your health naturally. If you decide to try our method of care distracting the spine, it will take at least a two month commitment at about three times a week. Everything we do is natural and treatment will be modified to your individual motion of the spine. There is no risk to the care we give, and in two months you may improve but there are no guarantees it will help.”

I decided to commit to two months of regular care as the nursing home didn’t sound exciting, and with surgery I may never walk again. I also knew that I couldn’t live with the pain. I admit, I was extremely skeptical but didn’t have a lot of options.

After going through Dr. Unruh’s recommended course of care, I can’t tell you how my life has changed for the better. I am now golfing four to five times/week. I am able to go bowling. I can mow my own lawn. I can drive my own car. I couldn’t do any of those things prior to coming to Dr. Unruh.

Now, consider this: The nursing home would have cost me over $100,000.00/year just to live. The drugs would have cost me much more than the  chiropractic care I received. I’m not living on pain pills any more. Dr. Unruh emphasized that the human body can perform miracles if you just give it a chance. I’m glad I put my faith in the healing power of the human body rather than man made chemicals. I must also emphasize that the specialized care with the distraction instrument Dr. Unruh uses is gentle and it feels great to be stretched. I was so stiff I could hardly walk. Medicare this last year expanded prescription drug benefits for seniors. However, they are cracking down on chiropractic  care to help pay for more drugs. I am living proof that this is the exact opposite of the direction health care should be going for senior citizens. We need more opportunities to stay well naturally and enjoy life. Dr. Unruh has kept me moving and enjoying life again. I highly recommend anyone to get the care he recommends to get the results I did. The benefits are miraculous.

Jay - sciatica as a youth, pain as a 20-something controlled

Dr. Cox-

I can remember back pain beginning in my teens. I was even diagnosed with "sciatica" by the age of 13 in the '80s. My chronic low back pain flared up in 1997, and I will never forget it. I was 25 and could not move without excruciating pain. I remember the couple days before going to my family MD with exquisite detail. The 45 minute walk on crutches to the restroom that was one room away will be something I could never forget.

My family doctor could not believe the fact that he could not move me an inch without a scream. He injected me in his office with no relief. MRIs showed bulges and herniations in the lumbar spine. My MD referred me to seek chiropractic care. I was incredulous and did not want to see "one of those guys". I held off until the pain returned, and I sought care from the chiropractor as I did not want surgery.

The first DC gave me some relief, but not what I would have liked. The second, however, worked miracles in my mind. It was on some weird table that he strapped my ankles into. Due to my career, I moved twice and that doctor did not move with me, so I sought other DCs in my new towns. They did OK as well, but it wasn't the same.

I moved back to my hometown and resumed treatment with that doctor with great success. I was so impressed that I switched careers. I am now a Trimester 7 intern at Logan College of chiropractic in St. Louis. I just finished the "Cox" class with Dr. Brinkman, and I look forward to bringing the same relief to my patients that I received myself as a patient. I owe a debt of gratitude to that first field doc who introduced me to this technique and to Dr. Cox for developing it.

Thank you for the relief that it has brought me. It is my goal to have my future patients thank you for the relief that it brings them. Cox® Flexion-Distraction has truly changed my life.

James "Jay" Enyart
"If it wasn't for Dr. Paul, my ringing in my ears would still have persisted, with just a couple of adjustments to my neck, the ringing was gone within two weeks of treatment. Also I had chronic back pain, Dr. Paul has been treating it, I have about 80% less pain and that is from the chiropractic care I get from Dr. Paul Taillefer. I am able to have a better life on the daily basis these days. I would definitely tell them it works, even though if their family doctor says that it doesn't. I had that problem with my doctor, he would tell me that the chiropractor would make my pain even worse. That is not true, and I would show them the results. How professional Dr. Paul Taillefer is. And the most thing that pleases me is that I am not in severe pain anymore. I would recommend anyone to see a chiropractor if they were experiencing any kind of pain. I am a believer in chiropractic medication."
"In December 2009 I was involved in a motor vehicle accident. Following the collision I experienced constant headaches as well as severe back and neck pain. Since beginning my chiropractic treatment program, the results have been amazing. Within 2 months, my headaches have been relieved completely. I have also noticed a dramatic improvement in regard to my neck and back pain. Thank you Dr. Paul for the excellent care you consistently provide. I will continue to share my story with others in hope that they will experience these benefits first hand."
"In 1990, my reasons for starting chiropractic treatments were generalized aching joints and an inability to shoulder check when driving. My husband had seen good results for a recurring back problem so I began my chiropractic visits with good knowledge and information. Over the years this therapy has increased my flexibility, enabled good mobility without discomfort and generally maintained good health during normal aging. Ordinarily my routine is to visit monthly to maintain freedom of movement and have a general assessment of overall health as indicated by any problems being encountered. Most recently, in the last four months, I had an unexpected problem with my back which was painful and restricting. Treatment was begun twice a week and over its course, I have progressed from using a cane to walking independently. I now have no pain and have been able to increase my activities, consistently on a weekly basis. I have now resumed driving my car, walking short distance for exercise and have every confidence that with continued maintenance, I will soon be at my previous level. At this point I would say I am 95% improved. Along with the chiropractic care, Dr. Paul is open to discuss all matters regarding healthy living i.e. diet, nutrition, exercise and most importantly is able to provide good emotional support when needed during the problem period. Thank you for everything Dr. Paul!!! P.S. His courtesy, sensitively and professionalism is also very evident in the office staff."
"Chiropractic has allowed me to return to a high level of physical activity after several months of intense pain and inactivity due to a "sequestered disc" impacting the sciatic nerve in my left leg. I would definitely recommend that they give it a try, and would specifically recommend Dr. Paul at Catherine St. Chiropractic. Within only a week of treatment I was off pain killers completely and within only four weeks of treatment I was able to go on a hiking trip to Arizona and the Grand Canyon which I had seriously considered cancelling. Amazingly, I hiked to the bottom of the canyon and back up the next day! After a few more months of continued treatment I embarked on a successful cross-Canada cycle trip. I tried many other treatments before turning to a Chiropractor, including osteopathy, acupuncture, physiotherapy, and massage therapy. None of these treatments seemed to improve my condition or level of pain. Although Catherine St. Chiropractic is not conveniently located for me anymore (retired to Kanata), I continue to get treatment there because of the care, attention to detail and listening skills of Dr. Paul and staff. I have never felt hurried or rushed."
"When I started to see Dr. Paul, conventional physiotherapy and prescribed anti-inflammatory had done nothing to relieve mu symptoms associated with my left arm and shoulder for 4 years. I live a very physical day; I was frustrated because I couldn't get my work done without pain and help; I no longer even attempted my favorite leisure activities. I was disheartened about my future. Within 6-9 months pain and spasms were greatly reduced, I was sleeping better; my range of motion had been restored, as well as my strength and endurance. Ongoing maintenance visits over the past 5-6 years have progressively reduced frequency and duration of flare-ups. Dr. Paul recently identified the source of a sudden onset of migraines I had been having approximately 3 times per week over a month that was making driving and computer work difficult. In one appointment he identified and alleviated the cause; they have not come back. What I like about chiropractic is that it is non-invasive, non-chemical treatments that work. Dr. Paul gives you clear explanations and expectations. The staff are all very caring, professional and helpful. Today, I enjoy being physically active and being independent."
"Chiropractic care has improved my life in a variety of ways. I have been under Chiropractic Care for most of my life; from minor injuries requiring a few treatments, to longer care due to a car accident. Now as a mature person it is important to maintain my health and Chiropractic care allows that. My treatments have allowed me to regain my mobility, flexibility, and thereby improve my strength. I look forward to a very long relationship with Chiropractic care well into my 100’s. Friends have asked me about Chiropractic care and to be honest I am amazed that they have never tried it. It was my Grandmother who first introduced me to Chiropractic care. While in my twenties I worked construction. The heavy lifting and twisting gave my body quite a beating; however my Chiropractic care kept me going. Later in life, I attended university which required long hours sitting at a computer or reading. My neck, shoulders, and back suffered for my studies. Once again, Chiropractic care was there to help me regain my flexibility. Honestly, I can’t understand why people would be nervous about Chiropractic care. Dr. Taillefer from Catherine Street Chiropractic care uses progressive techniques combined with traditional knowledge of adjustments to produce gentle and tender care treatments not seen in other clinics. He helped heal a recent injury to my shoulder, and is helping heal an old injury on my hip. Never mind about Superman, take the time to meet Super Chiropractor, Dr. Paul J. Taillefer, at Catherine Street Chiropractic and Massage. I believe he wears a cape emblazoned with Super Chiropractor, helping individuals that have been given up on to repair injuries that are recent or old. Dr. Taillefer use of progressive techniques combined with traditional knowledge of adjustments producing gentle, tender care treatments that removes the pain of movement. It is wonderful to regain your flexibility, and strength when you had resigned yourself to sitting on the side lines as life goes by. Once again I am out walking in this wonderful season, in addition I am sleeping well again which has made a great difference in my outlook on life. Pain causes you not to be involved in life and the lack of pain takes you from despair to joy. For me the joy of movement enriching my life, improving my sleep, and enabling me to be involved in social actives."
I have much more pain free mobility now. I'm 63 years old and have had issues with my back for quite a few years. Based on my experience and how it has improved my quality of life, I would not hesitate to refer anyone to Dr. Paul for chiropractic care. There was no hidden agenda. I was told immediately after assessment that there would be some discomfort after my first few visits. Dr. Paul was very thorough, honest and efficient during each treatment. Dr. Paul also possesses good civic spirit and shows compassion towards your situation."
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